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   Originally from Staffordshire, England, head carpenter and business owner Alan Green brings a long family tradition of craftsmanship to the Pacific Northwest.

   With a specialization in historic home restoration, period kitchens and bathrooms, his passion is old architecture paired with a keen eye for detail and complete dedication to quality. Al brings his years of experience and skill to every project he tackles.

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   Green Window Restoration is licensed, insured and bonded in the states of Oregon (CCB #232256) and Washington (LNI #GreenWR799C4).

   Green Window Restoration is a proud member of the Window Preservation Alliance and the Architectural Heritage Center.

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    Share your goals with us, and we will offer our guidance, options and alternatives complete with an estimate for your project. 

   Our mission is to provide the best value for your money, emphasizing quality craftsmanship and a reverence for the beauty of old architecture.

    A diverse project history has equipped our team with the knowledge and skills to work in a number of different job environments, from private homes to multiple unit apartment and commercial buildings.

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