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In most cases, the craftsmen who originally built windows for your home all those decades ago crafted them to be maintained and repaired.  Nevertheless, after decades of poor repairs and in some cases, no maintenance at all, the need for attention has become a necessity.  Not every window needs a complete overhaul - sometimes they just need a bit of work to get them working again the way they were intended to.  That is why we offer two options for getting your windows looking and functioning as they should:

Window Restoration

Operational Tune-Up

Sometimes your windows aren't in need of full restoration. Perhaps they have been painted shut, perhaps the cords and pulleys have broken or failed. Or, maybe there is a need for some spot-glazing or the addition of some weatherstripping to keep the good air in and the bad air out. We offer a service that includes some or all of the following fixes:

  • Lead safe containment and removal

  • Removal and replacement of parting bead

  • Light scraping where buildup restricts movement

  • Replacement of failed sash cords or chains with new 

  • Addition of weatherstripping to improve efficiency

  • Ensure proper meeting of sashes at the meeting rail

  • Ensure locks engage properly and window functions with ease


This is our most basic and minimally invasive level of service, the objective being to return the window to proper working order. This service does not involve painting or other cosmetic work. The goal is a fully functional window that looks exactly as it did when we started, but now works as it should. All work for this option is on-site and the windows never leave your property.

Full Restoration

A full restoration of your window includes all of the tasks listed for the Operational Tune-Up listed above but it includes so much more.  The cost varies for each window depending on the design and complexity.  Here is what else can be included in this option:

  • Sashes are fully stripped of paint and glazing using steam, not harsh chemicals

  • Damaged areas are repaired with CVG fir and/or epoxy

  • Glass is removed, cleaned, and re-installed and glazed with top-of-the-line Sarco Glazing Putty.

  • Sashes are primed and then two coats of paint are applied to interior and exterior surfaces

  • Original window hardware including sash locks & lifts are restored, often revealing beautiful original designs hidden by decades of paint

The pressures that threaten traditional windows come from many different sources. Probably the most significant of these is the replacement window industry that relies on PVC vinyl windows for almost all of its business. The industry has invested heavily in marketing over a long period and as a result has persuaded many homeowners that their old timber windows are rotten, drafty, and beyond economic repair, whereas in most cases minor repairs and some upgrading would have allowed them to remain fit for purpose and serviceable for years to come.

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