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Custom Storms and Screens

A custom storm window will give you the same energy and sound dampening benefits as double-glazing, like you would find in a modern new window, when paired with your existing single pane window. The difference being that the storm window option can last far longer than a modern window and properly respects the historic character of your home.

The best part is that you get to KEEP YOUR BEAUTIFUL ORIGINAL WINDOWS!

Our wood storm and screen windows are the ultimate option when it comes to maintaining the beauty of your historic home. The benefits of choosing a wood storm window or screen are many:

  • They are always built custom to fit every window opening.

  • Custom shapes and designs are no problem.

  • They can be painted any color you want and can be easily painted another color in the future.

  • We use the same quality joinery that your original windows were made with

  • Historic Authenticity

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